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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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Proteggilabbra restituisce alle labbra morbidezza ed elasticità, con la forza tradizionale del ricco olio d’Oliva e i poteri balsamici dell’olio essenziale di Melaleuca, affiancati dalle capacità della Vitamina E.

Proteggilabbra Balsamico

€ 5,90Prezzo
  • 冨含橄欖油,能充分滋潤雙唇,提供高效保濕潤澤。
  • This Lip Balm restores the softness and suppleness of your lips, with the traditional properties of rich Olive oil and the balsamic action of Tea Tree essential oil, paired with the properties of Vitamin E.