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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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Un trattamento molto efficace nel donare benessere immediato alle pelli sensibili e alleviare i fastidi di arrossamenti e iperreattività, grazie all’innovativo Complesso Lenitivo Brevettato Delicalma*.

Olio Bifasico Viso e Corpo Delicalma

€ 22,90Prezzo
  • 具潤澤與抗老化功能,且能針對敏感肌膚提供立即而非常有效的調理。能保護、滋養與修護肌膚。

  • A very effective treatment providing sensitive skin with immediate well-being and alleviating the annoyance of reddening and hyper-reactivity, thanks to the innovative Delicalma Complex*, which features the extract of Purslane and the organic extracts of Ginger, Oat and Helichrysum. The protective action of the distilled water and organic extract of Ginger then works together with the oil of Plum and the organic oils of Argan and Sunflower, which provide nourishment, emolliency and relief.