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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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Una emulsione leggera che aiuta la pelle del viso a conservare la naturale riserva d’acqua. L’azione antiossidante del Goji si combina alle virtù elasticizzanti del Maqui: una irrinunciabile strategia di difesa che piacerà anche alle pelli più sensibili e delicate.

Crema Viso Antiossidante e Compattante Goji

€ 29,90Prezzo
  • 能幫助臉部肌膚鎖住天然的水分。枸杞及瑪琪莓能抗老化,紅棉葉細胞則有保護之效,是您不可或缺的保養對策。地中海芥菜油、可可油、椰子油及葵花油賦予肌膚強力的保護屏障與令人愉悅的柔嫩感。日復一日使用,幫助肌膚安定與修護,嬌顏看起來更舒緩、更平滑,益顯光澤。 用途:可保濕、修護、緊實肌膚,並能調理及抗老化。


  • A gentle emulsion that helps facial skin to retain its natural water reserve. In this exclusive recipe, the antioxidant effect of Goji and Maqui Berries is combined with the protective virtues of Red Cotton stem cells: an essential beauty strategy that will suit even the most sensitive and delicate types of skin.