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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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Crema nutriente per le mani dalle virtù antiossidanti e protettive, ricevute dagli estratti di Rosa centifolia, Pepe rosa e Malvarosa. A completare gli effetti benefici della formulazione, le piacevoli e stuzzicanti note profumate di 3 Rosa.

Crema Nutriente per le Mani 3 Rosa

€ 10,00Prezzo
  • 含有千葉玫瑰、蜀葵及粉紅胡椒所取得的精華萃取物,伴隨著淡淡的玫瑰花香,並添加葵花油、茶籽油及油菜籽油等,給予手部肌膚高度呵護滋潤。
  • Pretty and forever youthful: to maintain this appearance over time and protect the freshness of your hands, they can now count on this nourishing Cream with its antioxidant and protective virtues, obtained from the Extracts of Provence Rose, pink Pepper and Hollyhock. The beneficial effects of the formulation are completed with the appealing and tantalising perfumed notes of 3 Rosa.