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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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n trattamento d’eccellenza formulato per conservare la bellezza della zona del contorno occhi, favorendo la naturale produzione di Collagene e dispensando idratazione e nutrimento.

Oftalmologicamente testato. 
Non contiene profumo.

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Contorno Occhi Acido Ialuronico

€ 8,90Prezzo
  • 富含乳油木果油及玻尿酸,讓每次使用都彷彿為雙唇注入珍貴的水分。洛神花籽油提供滋養柔嫩與彈力,呈現飽滿澎潤的雙唇。

  • To allow this delicate area of the face to preserve the natural freshness and elasticity of the tissues, it is crucial to provide the skin with suitable moisturisation, as well as contain evaporation and promote the physiological production of Collagen. Three distinct and beneficial actions offered by Hyaluronic Acid, contained in the formulation with three different molecular weights, boosted by three noble oils: Hibiscus, Babassu and Olive, which are nourishing and elasticising.
    The eye contour area appears smoother and less marked by expression lines, significantly more radiant and softer to the touch.