Questa CC Cream perfeziona il colorito dell’epidermide, coprendo le discromie e minimizzando le imperfezioni.

CC Cream tonalità Miele Acido Ialuronico

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  • 含低、中、高分子玻尿酸使肌膚呈現明亮均勻好氣色。 保留三重透明質酸保濕BB霜的特性,但更具有輕透裸妝的亮白美膚效果。 蕾莉歐研發實驗室推出全新的三重透明質酸CC霜,除了添加高、中、低分子玻尿酸發揮三重功效,有效鎖住水分,使用半乳糖阿拉伯聚糖,提供超高效補水效果並維持肌膚彈性,提供長時間超水透亮肌。

  • So many great solutions in one simple step: while it can enhance your natural skin tone, this CC Cream evens out the colour of your complexion, covering discolourations and minimizing blemishes. The formula features the action of extract of Spelt, which protects against premature skin ageing. High, medium and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid contributes excellent moisturization, and is also contained in niosome form for deep hydration. Finally, the recipe ensures the innovative hydrating and brightening effects of the beautiful Porcelain Flower, whose flavonoid- and phytosterol-rich extract helps give your face the appearance... of porcelain.

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