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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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Profumato Bagnoschiuma dal potere addolcente e protettivo, grazie ai pregiati estratti fluidi ricavati dalle bacche di Pepe rosa e dai fiori di Rosa centifolia e Malvarosa. Una fragranza vibrante, intensamente rosa, tre volte intonata con il desiderio di dedicarsi una pausa rasserenante e al contempo delicatamente stuzzicante per l’epidermide.

Bagnoschiuma 3 Rosa

€ 9,90Prezzo
  • 從粉紅胡椒和千葉玫瑰、蜀葵所萃取的精華,能有效呵護肌膚,提供絕佳的抗氧活性作用,避免皮膚老化現象。肌膚將再次擁有清新、維持彈力的感受,並裹附著三倍的誘惑迷人、令人讚嘆的粉紅氣味。本產品呈現溫和而細緻的質地,並能在肌膚表層形成一層隱形的保護膜。

  •  mischievous, provocative perfumed note that combines three refined, utterly pink personalities, perfectly in tune with feminine allure. Three is also the number of the precious fluid Extracts obtained from aromatic pink Peppercorns, from the petals of the lush Provence Rose and from the flowers of the majestic Hollyhock: together they carry out a marked antioxidant, protective and soothing action on your body, ideal for sensitive, delicate skin. The cleansing properties of surfactant Oat Amino Acids, paired with sweet Almond Proteins, prove especially helpful in preserving the natural moisture of tissues, protecting them with a thin invisible film. A recipe that every woman will love, to pamper herself in soothing serenity for a moment, day after day. In pink!