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A beauty store located in the center of Venice Island, was established to provide you with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable products based on the Italian herbal brand.

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Rimuove ogni traccia di impurità e trucco e, nel contempo, idrata la pelle e fin dal primo utilizzo allevia i fastidi dovuti all’iperreattività. Il merito è dell’efficace Complesso Lenitivo Brevettato Delicalma*, che annovera l’estratto di Portulaca e gli estratti biologici di Zenzero, Avena ed Elicriso, capaci di ridurre gli arrossamenti locali.

Acqua Micellare Delicalma

€ 18,90Prezzo
  • 是一款實用、有效且非常溫和的日常雙效保養品,能同時清潔臉部,並使臉部恢復光彩。能卸除臉上堆積的髒污與彩妝,且能保濕並舒緩肌膚。

  • A practical, effective and very gentle routine for cleansing your face and restoring splendour. In fact, this Micellar Water removes traces of impurities and make-up, moisturising sensitive skin and soothing irritation caused by hyper-reactivity. This is due to the innovative Delicalma Complex* – which includes the extract of Purslane and the organic extracts of Ginger, Oat and Helichrysum – and the protective and softening properties of distilled
    organic Chamomile and Ginger water. The skin of your face will therefore enjoy renewed freshness and moisture, leaving annoying reddening behind.